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Where the Wild Things Are...

Dark Horse Traditions

Our Mission

At Dark Horse Traditions we bring you the very best handmade, homegrown, ethically & sustainably sourced, slow & small batch artisanal collections inspired by the wild art of nature.

We offer regular intensive workshops & small classes from our studio in the hills of Byron Bay, as well as immersive creative arts retreats in nature. 


Original Artworks 


Botanically Dyed Clothing 


Herbal Wisdom & Plant Lore 

Workshops, Classes & Retreats 

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Dark Horse Traditions

"I had such a great time to be surrounded by other creative women and the whole week-end was extremely enjoyable and so much fun experimenting with plant and flowers to create stunning ink colours and a beautiful little book !!! I truly can't wait to be part of your next creative women camp." - Agnes Dubost

"Your work is so beautiful it makes me want to lie down in a field of flowers." - Sarah Daley

"Loved the amazing effects from the plant prints!" - Crystal Is

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