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The Wild World of Nature...

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The other day I was driving home listening to a radio program about the high rates of anxiety amongst teenagers, epidemic opioid addictions & stress related illnesses that are increasingly becoming pandemic in modern societies. It made me think sadly that humans are so disconnected from the very life that supports, heals & can help us face these complex challenges. 

There are a vast number of studies highlighting the importance and health benefits  for spending time in nature. Studies show that switching off the devices & getting out into nature can have long lasting effects for the mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Connecting to nature is a simple way to live a life of happiness, health and goodness. Being with flowers, by a stream, a walk in the park or dip in the ocean can make us happy and also rewire how our brains work, boost immunity and transform anxiety/stress within our bodies. 

One of the ways I switch off & tune into nature is to walk around the valley we live in & have a chat to the horses, cows or wild plants that grow around us. I also put my hands to the task of the garden, weeding or watering. It is really simple but if I didn't do these activities for just 5 minutes a day, life would be a whole lot more anxious & stressful. 

I firmly believe in the power of the wild to heal us. To connect us to the living, breathing planet we all are a symbiotic part thereof. I believe to be inspired by the beauty of the living world can transform us and help us understand our place in the world. It also teaches us to be responsible for our walk upon the soil of the world. 

It is from this place of connectivity that the online portal of Dark Horse Traditions stems from. Each artwork, print or hand-dyed piece of clothing is inspired by the natural world or sourced locally from the mountains around my home. Each print is a world within itself; a story of a plant or flower. 

It is such a great gift to be doing this humble work and creating artworks, wares and sharing with the intention to foster a re-wilding or awakening to the power of the wild world of nature. 

Our current exhibition showcases a range of nature inspired artistic wares that are all handmade, hand collected & made by us. 'Wild nature' by Dark Horse Traditions is currently on show in the beautiful space @2birds_lismore until the end of September. Details are on our website. 

Want to experience time out in nature? Our upcoming 'Wild Mountain - Creative Arts Retreat for Women' is open for bookings! Held on top of Mount Boorabee in NSW, Australia, this weekend retreat will be held over 20-22nd September. 

For all details, bookings & info, head to:

or, check out our FB Event:

For those who live elsewhere, please follow our adventures on instagram @d_arkhorse or like our FB page @darkhorsetraditions. 

Lastly, take 5 minutes today to go outside, breather and hang out with a tree or flower!!! 


Be Wild. Be Free.  

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